World-class Business Solutions Support.

In today's fast-paced business, success depends much on the performance of your partners, whether they are customers or suppliers. As an important solutions partner, we will ensure that your business operates at optimal levels in terms of enterprise information management. To succeed, PROMS provides effective and timely applications support by using cutting-edge technology to stay closely connected with Customers anytime and from anywhere on the globe. More importantly, PROMS focuses on nothing less than providing solutions - whether it is concentrated on mid-term operational issues or long-term strategic business and IT planning.

Responsive Customer Support.
Providing ongoing responsive support to customer requests is extremely vital in our business. From conceptual planning to implementation, systems execution and continuing maintenance, PROMS’s Customer Service and Support Access is the primary gateway to unsurpassed MES expertise. PROMS keeps manufacturers operating 24/7 at sustained levels while building a solid framework for systems optimization and consistency. Complementing this ease of support is PROMS's straightforward (easy-to-use) applications and reliable architecture that makes it easier for our support team to service customers within this scope.

Support Model.
PROMS's support model depends on two significant concepts: (i) continuous improvements and, (ii) high-level of customer responsiveness. Drawing on (PCB electronics) industry-specific expertise and proven methodologies, PROMS helps customers streamline business processes while developing the right IT strategy to improve manufacturing productivity and efficiency. In addition, PROMS continues to blend PCB process knowledge, operations experience, and applications expertise to obtain suitable solutions while enabling customers to run operations at optimal levels.
  • Immediate Responsive Customer Support
  • Applications Usage Training
  • Database Systems Support
  • On-site Implementation and Support Consulting
  • Additional off-site training programs at PROMS
  • 24-hour support response
  • Internet Portal Support and FAQs
  • Remote Access Server for Diagnosis and Updates
  • Report writing and InterfaceDevelopment
  • Training Manuals and exercises
  • Online Training Sessions
Unparalleled Software Support.
PROMS software support is unrivaled in the industry. Customers receive all the tools, knowledge, and features needed to manage their PROMS enterprise solutions beginning from implementation through continuous live operation. Mission-critical support is constantly available 24/7/365 for most global time zones with dedicated implementation systems specialists (ISS) and responsive software engineering support teams prepared to immediately help resolve potential issues.

Support Services.
  • Software Support 24/7/365 with Global Support Web Portal
  • Instant Support Access through Telecommunications and Internet
  • Remote Access Server Support (via Internet-allows PROMS to perform training, immediately diagnose and resolve issues)
  • Annual Software Subscription (customers continue to get the latest software version upgrades at no additional charge)
  • Onsite Mission-Critical Support (customers will get imediate attention to issues with PROMS's onsite support team)

Business Solutions Maintenance Program.
PROMS's Annual Solution Subscription Maintenance (ASSA) series furnishes customers with continual key upgrades/updates while delivering the latest advanced functionality and solution improvements to accommodate industry-driven changes as well as preventing customers from potential downtime.

Unlimited Internet Support.
Customers may also access 24-hour support from a dedicated Internet Technical Support Site (, which extends the availability of software updates, documents, discussions, product knowledge base, functionality requests, and service information.

Annual Software Subscription Advantage.
  • Software Upgrades.
  • Support Eligibility.
  • Unlimited Internet Support.
  • Software Discounts.
Innovative Custom Applications Development.
With constant changes in e-applications technology, manufacturers need a solutions provider that has depth in industry knowledge, operations experience, and soaring development capacity to keep up with customer system requirements. PROMS software planning and engineering is unsurpassed - leaving a lasting impression when custom-made projects or product add-ons are completed. PROMS's unique development portfolio blends IT expertise along with industry and technical knowledge that's unparalleled and distinctive in any business environment.

Development Services.
  • Custom Software Development (a combination of PCB expertise and software development prowess gives customers the best of both worlds)
  • Product Add-ons and Independent Applications
  • Web Development Projects (.NET, XML, etc.)
  • Integrated Internet Portal Applicatons (exchanges, extranets, intranets)
  • Integration Projects with large ERP solutions including mid-level and smaller applications
Peripheral Support Services
  • Enterprise Software Deployment.
  • Business Consulting Services.
  • Custom Applications Development.
  • Software Support Services.
  • Integration Support.
  • Automation Development.
  • Business Analysis/Reporting.
  • Web Storefront B2B Integration.
End-To-End Business Support.
Global competition has created a leaner business environment where efficiency levels must remain at peak in order to survive or grow. Companies turn to PROMS for continuous improvements in enterprise planning, calling in skilled management experts to meet short- and long-term business strategies. PROMS helps customers run operations at optimal levels blending PCB process knowledge, operations experience, and applications expertise to obtain suitable solutions.

  • Onsite or Offsite Business Consulting
  • PCB Re-engineering Services
  • Implementation, Training, and Documentation Resources
  • Business Reporting Analysis
  • Long-Term IT Strategies (planning and deployment of future technologies and solutions)

Global Applications Require Global Support.
Business is no longer confined to one space. The spread of worldwide trade and the emergence of the internet have forever reshaped the face of commerce. Today, global manufacturers need more than solutions that can adapt to this environment - they also require support that is accessible around the clock, regardless of time zones. PROMS strategically positions its global support group to reside in key locations that will ensure customers rapid and responsive service. And with available Internet infrastructure, PROMS could access customer networks immediately from anywhere in the world.

Business Re-Engineering Services.
PROMS re-engineering services enable companies to evaluate their operations performance and business processes in an attempt to increase enterprise efficiency and productivity. This provides managers the opportunity to fine tune department functions and improve production flow while removing potential bottlenecks.

Business Analysis Support.
Decision-support information is extremely critical in all business environments. PROMS's expertise in devising advanced business analysis/reporting platforms (combined with industry experience) provide customers with the right information that is automated, pre-configured, and easy to access.

Innovative Training Media.
PROMS ensures that users adapt well to its application environment by using proven training methodology and supported documentation. PROMS also provides personalized digital training media where users may follow along and store for future reference.
Immediate Customer Support Contact

PROMS's business support portal is powered by the Emtranet Business Solutions Portal developed by PROMS as a peripheral solution to complement its flagship enterprise software. This solution is used to enable customers to:
  • Submit Support Requests
  • Collaborate and Track On-going Projects
  • Manage Event Tasks and Alerts
  • Search Manuals and Training Guides thru the large Knowledge-Base
  • View Online Training Videos