ProCIM | Enterprise Solutions
  • Streamline front- to back-end operations
  • Global visibility of plant operations and performance
  • Increase production efficiency by reducing bottlenecks
  • Minimize manufacturing scraps and wastes
  • Maintain plant organizational control
  • Improve business automation and production processes
  • Mazimize workcenter and department capacity
  • Dynamic information sharing and collaboration
The Leader in PCB Functionality
  • PCB Sales Specific Functionalities
  • Engineering and Planning activities
  • PCB Part Data Management
  • Lamination Stack and Libraries
  • Automated Bill of Materials
  • Core, Prepreg, Foil Inventory Management
  • Rules-based Intelligent Travelers
  • Main, Innerlayer, Subassembly, Engineering, Custom Travelers
  • Plant Data Collection for SPC
Easy Integration
  • Open Microsoft® SQL-Server Database Architecture
  • Open to CAM Systems Integration
  • Open to Financial/Accounting Systems Integration
  • ShipAnnex: Fedex/UPS Shipping Integration
  • XML or direct SQL-Server integration
Manage the Entire Enterprise
PCB manufacturers rely on PROMS for advanced business solutions to manage the entire enterprise. PROMS's close knit and localized applications are detailed in data transactions plus comprehensive in information analysis and enterprise reporting. Multi-tiered data architecture allows businesses to scale their functions when needed including expanding applications that would handle changes in business processes and market adaptation.

Unequivocally, these powerful tools enable manufacturers to gain better visibility into operations while delivering customized functionality to enhance decision-support information critical to optimmizing operations. PROMS offers a full range of enterprise solutions best-of-breed ERP that enables PCB manufacturers to manage their business information on a global scale. From web applications to desktop clients, PROMS provides powerful industry functionality with business intelligence that could access information anytime, anywhere.

Advance information solutions.
For nearly 2 decades, PCB manufacturers have turned to PROMS for advanced information solutions. From initial product holding through production and shipping, visibility is provided with business automation a manufacturing intelligence. PROMS's close-knit solutions are detailed in data transactions, and comprehensive in information analysis and enterprise reporting. These powerful tools enable visibility into operations while delivering customize functionality to enhance decision–support information critical to optimal operations management.
  • Specialized PCB ERP functionality
  • Global multi plant capabilities (prototype/production)
  • Global internationalization (multilingual, currencies)
  • Unparalleled user-defined functionality
  • Advanced business analysis and Internet reporting
  • Open database systems architecture
Intelligent solutions
PROMS enterprise suite of applications is the industry-leading business information solution developed with excellence to fully meet the needs of PCB manufacturers. With superior IT backbone infrastructure and fluent interfaces, PROMS's powerful applications capture real-time plant transactions while enabling critical-decision support information imperative to business operations. From sales activities through product delivery, information is streamlined throughout the entire enterprise providing management visibility from a single- or multi-plant environment.

Visibility enables efficiency.
Organizations are recognizing the opportunity to cut deeply into their time expenditures beginning with front end processing. From a board manufacturer's perspective, time-savings (from order entry through release of final travelers to the floor) is critical in ensuring that everyone is on pace to making scheduled deliveries while remaining alert to handle production fluctuations. This model offers world-class manufacturers the prospect of achieving higher order fill rates, on-time shipments including increased business efficiency, manufacturing volumes, and improved product quality.

Advanced business reporting and analysis.
PROMS leads the industry in enabling users to rapidly access information with the least amount of complexity while providing the most powerful reporting tools for daily operational use.
  • 160+ advanced reports and business forms
  • Executive plant summary
  • Book to bill ratio analysis
  • Sales bookings reports
  • Average panel pricing analysis
  • Sales quoting activities
  • Engineering scheduling and planning
  • Cumulative process statistics
  • Product analysis
  • Production/operations analysis
  • Capacity planning and scheduling
  • Scraps and reject analysis
  • On-time shipments and analysis
  • + more..
Establish information technology infrastructure.
ProCIM Manufacturing enables companies to establish a solid IT infrastructure that provides managers, employees, customers, and partners the information they need in a format that is easy to decipher. Through secured role-based user access, PROMS offers targeted content, performance analysis, exceptions alerts, and everyday business reporting that is configurable and aligned to your overall operations.
  • Sales quotation
  • Sales hit/miss ratios
  • Sales industry analysis
  • Sales order management
  • Sales rep commissions
  • Book to Bill ratios
  • Order backlog
  • Customer management
  • Planning/engineering
  • Part data management PDM
  • Lamination engineering
  • Automatic lamination calculation
  • Graphical material selections
  • Thickness calculation
  • Impedance management
  • Automated bill of materials
  • Tool revision control
  • Engineering change history
  • Panel optimization
  • Manufacturing shop-floor control
  • Traveler generation
  • Automated innerlayer/ENG travelers
  • Outsource and test travelers
  • Subassembly tracking
  • Embedded Barcode travelers
  • Traveler library templates
  • Intelligent dynamic instructions
  • Production scheduling
  • Capacity planning
  • Manufacturing history
  • Lot split and release
  • Real-time barcode order tracking
  • Consolidated WIP adjustment
  • Work in process shop loading
  • Department throughput
  • WIP inventory control
  • Plant data collection
  • Department scheduling
  • Statistical quality analysis
  • Quality reporting and control
  • Rejects and scraps
  • Return material authorization
  • Remake travelers
  • Purchasing
  • Vendor management
  • Material requirement planning
  • material receiving
  • Material issue
  • Material allocation
  • Material transfer
  • Material conversion
  • Inventory management
  • Material availability checks
  • Material min/max
  • Finish Goodstock inventory
  • Shipping management
  • Vendor performance analysis
  • Online shipping status
  • Invoicing (manual or automated)
  • Multi plant configuration
  • Security user access
  • System help/search screens
  • Dynamic report generation
  • Cross-reference plant analysis
  • Historical information
  • Multilingual languages
Using mainstream PC network and hardware.
PC hardware and networking platforms continue to provide more value for the dollar with better component capabilities, performance, and reliability. This continued trend in computing technology has worked itself into mainstream corporate culture where virtually every business now operates standard PCs with over 90% of the operating platforms being driven by Windows OS.

PROMS solutions - based primarily on mainstream PC network and hardware technology - offer customers low cost of ownership in terms of enterprise-wide deployment and future maintenance. In addition, PROMS ensures its business applications run at optimal levels while leveraging continued improvements in hardware processing power and platform flexibility.

Network operating systems
ProCIM server configuration enterprise server Operating systems: Microsoft Windows server 2003, 2008, 2012 Enterprise solution database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012
Business PC workstation clients
Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1
Barcode hardware (Optional).
Compatible with virtually any PC, PS/2 keyboard adapters reads the most popular barcode symbols including: code 39, 93, 128 Type: laser or CCD
Business reporting platform
SAP Crystal reports 2008 Crystal enterprise/reports 11,9

Turnkey plug-and-play hardware deliverable package To enable customers an easier implementation at the outset, PROMS offers a service of convenience in providing businesses the turnkey plug and play hardware deliverable package. This includes the ProCIM server with all require platforms including workstations already configured for complete plug-and-play to be delivered to your plant, ready for use.
Enterprise analysis.
Many companies may know their business performance from a broad perspective; however, operating without clear operations visibility could be risky. Enterprise software addresses this concern by leveraging back-end technology to provide analysis that helps decision-makers manage their organizations effectively. Within the board electronics industry, manufacturers truly rely on one software provider for advanced business analysis – PROMS. From front- to back-end operations, PROMS facilitates advanced information reporting by managing enterprise-wide data execution from plant operations, then formulating analysis that reflects business requirements.

Visibility enables efficiency.
Organizations are recognizing the opportunity to cut deeply into their time expenditures beginning with front-end processing. From a board manufacturer's perspective, time-savings (from order entry through release of final travelers to the floor) is critical in ensuring that everyone is on pace to making scheduled deliveries while remaining alert to handle production fluctuations.

This model offers world-class manufacturers the prospect of achieving higher order fill rates, on-time shipments including increased business efficiency, manufacturing volumes, and improved product quality.

Included Advanced Reporting and Forms
ProCIM includes over 160+ advanced reports and business forms. Below are some examples:
  • Executive analysis summary
  • Book-to-Bill ratios
  • Sales trends and analysis
  • Industry & buyer sales analysis
  • Average panel pricing analysis
  • Technical product analysis
  • Engineering process statistics
  • Lamination analysis
  • Product history profiling
  • Manufacturing capacity analysis
  • Production throughput/cycle
  • time analysis
  • Production panel analysis
  • Material inventory analysis
  • Material utilization/replenishment
  • Vendor performance
  • Statistical quality analysis
  • Scraps and rejects history
  • On-time shipping analysis
The Path to Integration.
Integration is the key to blending pervasive solutions across the entire enterprise. This need has increased ten-fold as businesses continue to adopt best-of-breed systems that specialize in particular segments of their operation.

Ideally, companies look for transparent linking between applications while offering cohesive interfaces with minimal data redundancy and maximum functionality. From managing integration between high-end systems for tier 1 businesses to more modest applications for small to medium-size manufacturers, PROMS has provided the expertise and now solution to integrate your enterprise solutions.

SharePath Component.
The SharePath solution offers a simplified and dynamic method of integrating ProCIM enterprise (flagship) and other systems together under one umbrella using the latest migration technology (XML or intermediary objects). The function of this advance integration framework enables enhance automation of real-time data synchronization between ProCIM an external CAM solutions.

Product tool package.
  • Transparent synchronization
  • Integrate ProCIM enterprise with financials, CAM, and extended enterprise solutions
  • Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server or other open database platforms
  • User intermediary tables, objects or XML to migrate data between solutions

The backbone enterprise and extended the solutions (best-of-breed) As many have experienced, a single solution may not fulfill every IT function requirements in terms of manufacturing, accounting, engineering, sales, distribution, and e-commerce. This provides winning arguments for best-of-breed modeling that incorporates systems integration between the finest applications in each category.

PROMS Manufacturing enterprise solutions has mostly served as the primary IT backbone where other solutions such as financials (accounting), engineering (CAM), sales (CRM), and e-commerce portals/exchanges have converged to again re-define your ERP. The key aspect to this integrated solution model can be attributed to PROMS's powerful database architecture, which allows for touch-points to be developed between open applications. The final outcome is transparent integration that is seamless to users – allowing for broader functionality with minimal trade-offs.

Developing gateways
There are several different approaches to integration; however, the end result must accomplish all business and information requirements as considered necessary by the customer. Once touch – points are finalized, planning and series of integration gateways may be developed using XML, intermediary objects, or SQL tools to transfer data either unidirectional or bidirectional.

Systems integration modeling.
PROMS leverages database technology in common user interfaces to unite many of the essential functions needed to host a series of portal outlets that would enable real-time data synchronization between extended applications and business-to-business exchange solutions.

Integration objective.
To develop a complete set of systems integration transparent to the user, with all defined touch-points allowing for applications (manufacturing, financials, sales, distribution, e-portals, etc.) to communicate collectively while optimizing system operations and functionality.
PROMS Enterprise Systems Functionality
  • Quote Management
  • Quote Part Management
  • Quote Equation/Formula Editor
  • Quote Calculation Variables User Defined Functionality
  • Sales Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Order Tracking
  • Part Order History
  • Sales Rep Management
  • Shop Loading Charts
  • Engineering Desktop
  • Part Data Management (PDM)
  • Lamination Engineering
  • Bill of Materials (automated)
  • Traveler Development
  • Traveler (Work Order) Scheduling
  • Engineering Automation: Traveler Flow Automation
  • Engineering Automation: Traveler Instructions Automation
  • Work Order Lot Planning
  • Release Management
  • Remake Traveler
  • Multi-Part Panel Processing Management
  • Process Management
  • Process Alert/Prompts
  • Process Scheduling
  • Tool Revision Attributes
  • Tool Tracker
  • Tool Data Collection
  • Global Instructions Update
  • Material Inventory Tracking
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Material Receiving
  • Material Issue
  • Material Conversion
  • Material Transfer
  • Material Cycle Count Audit
  • Base Material Configuration/Material Code Management
  • Production Schedule Station
  • Real-Time Order Tracking (Movement Station)
  • Production Work Order Lot Management
  • Split/Join Released Work Order Lots
  • Warnings/Stop Alerts
  • Subassembly & Core WIP Inventory
  • Process Data Collection (PDC User Defined functionality)
  • Consolidated WIP Adjustment
  • Quality: Scrap/Reject Reporting
  • Quality Management
  • RMA Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Product Receiving
  • Finished Goods Stock Inventory Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Credit Memo Management
  • Advanced Business Reports/Forms Management
  • User/Group Access Management
  • Company/Facility Default Configuration
  • Localization
  • Time-Clock In/Out Management
  • CAM Integration (extended application)
  • UPS/FedEx integration (extended application)