Achieving Objectives Through Key Partnerships.
Today, many organizations combine efforts to strengthen market position by sharing resources, knowledge, manpower, and technology. This shift in business is mainly attributed to global commerce trends accelerated by the emergence of the Internet. PROMS has one clear mission: to be the best in its space by providing unparalleled service and solutions to printed circuit manufacturers. In accomplishing this goal, alliance partnerships play an important role in strategic business planning and execution. PROMS has long standing partnerships with world pacing board manufacturers including industry partners, distribution channels, and development alliances who have all contributed to make PROMS a recognized leader in the industry.
Customer Partnerships.
Customers are the lifeline in any business. Undeniably, customers are responsible for more than just revenues - they also play a significant part in any organization's long-term business strategy and product/technology roadmap. Over the years, PROMS has amassed a well diverse group of customers ranging from top 10 global manufacturers to medium and smaller private businesses.

Within the industry, we remain the primary selection for manufacturing enterprise solutions with many reputable PCB manufacturers that have contributed to our success. And to that, we say thank you.

  • Flextronics Multek
  • Dynamic Details Inc (DDi)
  • Eltek Ltd (Israel)
  • ECT Multitest
  • ISU Petasys
  • National Technology Inc. (NTI)
  • Winonics Inc.
  • Marcel Electronics Inc.
  • Sierra Proto Express
  • ACB nv
  • Cosmotronic Corporation
  • Cartel Electronics Inc.
  • South Coast Circuits
  • Pioneer Circuits Inc.
  • PJC Technologies/Speedy Circuits
  • Metro Circuits
  • Cosmotronic Corporation
  • Svyaz Engineering
  • PragoBoard
  • Pho-tronics
  • Herco Technologies
  • IBM Austin
  • Pro-Tech
  • Praegitzer Industries
  • Hi-Tech Corporation
  • Dynalyst Corporation
  • Precision Diversified Industries (PDI)
  • PAM Engineering
  • Prototype Circuits
  • Industrial Circuits
  • Valley Syncom Circuits
  • Lundahl Astro Circuits
  • CirTech
  • Pal-Pilot
  • Precision Circuits
  • McCurdy Circuits
  • Power Circuits
  • TTM Technologies
  • Tyco Printed Circuit Group
  • And More..
Although all build similar products, each operate differently and thus provide invaluable product feedback that has helped to drive solution maturation and versatility. Together, PROMS and its customers continue to collaborate closely to improve and enhance manufacturing operations while leveraging PROMS enterprise applications to accomplish business objectives.

There may be references above that may no longer be in the industry. However, we will always be grateful for their contributions toward the growth of our organization and solutions through the years.
Strategic Channel Partnerships.
Information technology has become an integral part of global manufacturing and continues to be an important component in everyday business. Consequently, it is essential that IT backbone solutions remain reliable where zero down-time could be achieved. For this reason, PROMS strategic channel alliance program was developed to deliver optimal value to global-tier manufacturers. Now, customers may access service and support from any of the channels without logistical limitations. In addition, PROMS prides itself on building tangible alliances that are necessary to meet today's challenges in terms of increasing customer responsiveness. Working with channel partners has enabled PROMS to become a global force in developing, marketing, and deploying solutions more rapidly worldwide.

Industry Partnerships.
Businesses that operate within the same industry tend to have many things in common including customers, contacts, technologies, strategies, and industry viewpoint. This cohesive alignment is the reason PROMS values industry partnerships, which has many positive impacts on business strategy. From CAM integration solutions to media collaboration, PROMS has joined forces with companies such as Valor and Circuitree to develop extended application tools and concepts in order to promote innovation within the industry. Through these exclusive development series, PROMS has continued to widen and enhance its product and service offerings, which ultimately provide value to customers.
Development Partnerships.
In an era where intellectual property exceeds tangible goods, PROMS relies on key solution partnerships to strengthen the development of its enterprise solutions in order to meet customer demands and requirements. PROMS also recognizes the need to stay within mainstream technology in order to keep cost of ownership low for customers. Given that, the company takes pride in maintaining partnership with businesses such as Microsoft to ensure its applications perform at optimal levels as platforms continue to improve and diversify. Moreover, PROMS relies on other strategic partnerships to develop extended tools that can be integrated alongside with its flagship enterprise suite and extended portal solutions. These development partnerships have become significant to the organization's growth and diversification of its core products and services offerings.