Specialized ERP Solutions
  • Best-of-Breed Information Technology
  • Manufacturing Visibility
  • Leverage Proven Solutions
  • Structured User-Defined Functionality
  • Powerful Rules-Based Functions
  • MS SQL-Server Database Dynamic Architecture
Information Technology with PCB Focus
  • CAM Data Import Direct to Quote
  • Part Data Management (PCB Parameters)
  • Lamination Stack/Automatic Bill of Materials
  • Core,Prepreg,Foil,Laminate, PCB Inventory Control
  • PCB Equipment Resource Management
  • Main,Innerlayer,Sub Travelers
  • Panel & Part WIP Processing
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PROMS Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions
PROMS Enterprise Solutions are tailored specifically to printed circuit and hybrid asssembly businesses.

PROMS's ProCIM Flagship Manufacturing Enterprise Solution is the most dynamic, powerful, comprehensive, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-use specialized ERP solution in the industry. With powerful front-end sales and engineering functionality combined with unparalleled production, quality, inventory, and shipping solutions, ProCIM Enterprise has become a benchmark standard PCB manufacturers turn to for their business IT infrastructure.
  • Sales Management (Quote & Order Processing)
  • Engineering Planning
  • Lamination Layup/Bill of Materials
  • Rules-Based Traveler Automation
  • Manufacturing Production Management
  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Quality Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Material Inventory Management
  • Plant Data Collection
  • RMA Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Finished Goods Stock Management
  • Advanced Business Analysis

Manage the Entire PCB Enterprise
The PCB Industry presents a myriad of challenges for fabrcators and supporting vendors. Lookng ahead, changes in technology and geographical shifts continue to impact the way we do business and consequently, the way we management information.
Many PCB organizations have IT requirements that exceed what most generic solutions can offer. The reason for this is simple - circuit board fabrication is characteristically different than other products in terms of business processes and manufacturing intricacies.

Advanced Business Reporting and Analysis
PROMS provides the most advanced complimentary business reports made available for any manufacturing enterprise solution. These reports were developed by PROMS to enable customers immediate information and analysis from their plant facilities.
PROMS Enterprise Solutions Advanced Business Reports and Analysis
  • 160+ Advanced (Crystal) Reports and Forms
  • Fully Configured and Editable Shop Traveler Forms, Sales Order Confirmation Form, Quote Form, etc.
  • Effective Report Training
  • Report Alerts and Notifications
World-Class Solutions Support
PROMS's responsive customer businesss support group is the best in the industry.
  • Highly Responsive Customer Support
  • Complete Software Solution Support
  • Training media and knowledge-base guidelines
  • Customer Service Support Portal
World-Class Solutions Support
Rapid Implementation
PROMS's rapid business enterprise solution implementation is one of the most efficient and quickest systems deployment in the industry.
  • Proven Implementation Methodologies
  • Online Implementation/Training Network
  • Over 160 Advanced Business Reports and Forms ready for for operational use
  • Competitive >> Minimal Deployment Costs
  • High Level of Return On Investment

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