PROMS: A Leader in Global PCB Enterprise Solutions.

As a pioneer in PCB manufacturing information technology, PROMS has successfully combined industry hands-on manufacturing experience along with development expertise and resources to deliver solutions and product services that help customers improve the way they operate their business. Over the years, PROMS has collaborated with a diverse range of manufacturers - each having unique business models and information requirements - to develop comprehensive industry solutions that encompasses standard and custom-specific functions. Today, PROMS continues to lead the PCB industry in business enterprise solutions enabling them to manage all facets of their operation beginning from product quoting through planning, engineering, production, inventory, and shipping.

Business Objectives.
To fulfill the global information requirements of your enterprise with a best-of-breed corporate solution model that coincides with your long-term business and IT strategies. PROMS continues to remain the leader in manufacturing enterprise solutions for the PCB electronics industry. With repeated product innovation, trade expertise, and rapid enterprise-wide deployment, PROMS's excelling reputation is well-known in the industry and unmatched by competing providers.

While the group's main business model evolves around superior solutions development and support, PROMS's long-term customer partnerships have propelled it to become the best in its field. Many organizations now depend on PROMS for reliable applications and top-rated business services that truly complement each company in the way they do business. Whether customers carry single or multiple plants all over the world, PROMS ensures rapid product deployment, ongoing software maintenance, and critical solutions support that's indeed unparalleled in the industry.
Sounds Business Model
  • Business Solutions Pioneer
    • Business established since 1986
    • Customers include Top 10 Global PCB electronic manufacturers
    • Impressive development properties
    • Solid management with lengthy Industry background and accomplishments
  • Innovative Technology Roadmap
    • Roadmap incorporates best practices based on 20+ years of practical hand-on experience
    • Product and technology roadmap driven purely by continued customer requirements/changes
  • Proven Industry-Leading Enterprise Solutions
    • Leading-edge Multi-Plant applications
    • Global settings and powerful functionalities
    • Industry-focus business intelligence
    • Easy-to-use interfaces & automation configuration
    • Open systems architecture
    • Low-cost of ownership
    • Usage of mainstream platforms
  • Impressive Rapid Systems Deployment
    • Proven Implementations within large tier 1 corporations to smaller manufacturers
    • Fast completion times potentially down to 4 weeks ("Go-Live Phase")
    • Structured Implementation deployment, guidelines, and documentation
    • Effective installation and training methodologies
    • Experienced and talented implementation team
  • Strong Business Support and Partnerships
    • First-rate customer-oriented service
    • Unmatched support responsiveness with persistent problem-solving approaches
    • Deliver solutions tailored to your business and operational requirements
    • Technical expertise and around-the-clock customer communication
    • Proactive on continuous improvements
  • High Return on Investment Value
    • Attractive product pricing
    • Straightforward pricing structure for the entire enterprise solution and peripheral products
    • Unparalleled Implementation cost averaging 1/4-to-1 ratio versus industry averages of 2-to-1 (easy-to-use applications require less training than other solutions)
Leverage Proven Business Solutions.
Choosing an enterprise solution today will certainly influence your future tomorrow. A good manufacturing business system could catapult your company into a world-class organization by yielding the right tools needed to efficiently guide operations as well as execute critical decisions. For these reasons, manufacturers look for proven back-bone solutions that will manage information flow from virtually all aspects of the enterprise.

PCB businesses turn to PROMS for intelligent enterprise solutions that provide timely information beginning from the quoting stage straight through order entry, planning, production, and onto final product delivery. PROMS's industry-based applications carry significant returns on investment by optimizing business processes, increasing employee efficiency, reducing production wastes, and improving customer responsiveness. Fabricators also rely on PROMS for fast systems deployment alongside re-engineering support services to further improve business processes as well as enhance daily functions.

Powerful, Flexible, and Global.
PROMS solutions are built on scalable back-end architecture with flexible application interfaces that enable companies to define their own system environment. Whether your business has 5 users or thousands, PROMS’s applications are proven to handle manufacturers with varying plants spanning the globe having multilingual and currency exchange requirements.

Industry-Driven Functionality.
Decades of research, planning, development, and testing - PROMS has partnered with mixtures of PCB companies that focus on every facet of board electronics. From prototype to production, rigid to flex circuitry, military to commercial, PROMS Enterprise solutions are tailored specifically to printed wiring/circuit board businesses with screens, data, and information analysis concentrated on one industry.

Reliable and Secure.
Applications are only as reliable as the organization that stands behind it. PROMS’s release strategy includes continuous improvements in product development, internal routing, and testing procedures - including a zero-tolerance approach for system defects. PROMS Enterprise also incorporates detailed user security with rights management to system modules, functionality, and reports access.

Easy-to-Use Adaptable Environment.
Fluent application interfaces contribute to user productivity which in turn impact daily operational flow and business efficiency. PROMS industry-based solutions (where data input screens and reported information is purely board business related) adapt to each departmental role without the need to deal with makeshift interfaces and incompatible functionality.
Global Manufacturing Partner.
Globalization is occurring everywhere in electronic manufacturing. What typically was produced in local regions has now shifted to other parts of the world that yield greater cost-savings and logistical benefits. Strategically, businesses will continue to position their manufacturing resources in areas that enable them to produce and deliver products faster at the lowest possible costs.

Responsive Global Partner.
With an excelling service base and expanding partnerships, PROMS continues its strong commitment to provide unparalleled support that keeps customers running 24/7/365 anywhere in the world. As a global solutions provider, PROMS leverages integrated team partners and ever-increasing infrastructure technology to reach manufacturers that span the globe operating in different time zones, languages, currencies, and business settings. PROMS helps manufacturers (i) improve productivity for greater efficiency and responsiveness, (ii) increase flexibility and adaptability in cutting costs, (iii) increase insight for more assured decision making, (iv) get the piece of mind in a partner for long-term growth.

Global Solutions Multilingual, Multi-currencies, Settings.
Meeting the on-going global environment, PROMS has developed solutions that are capable of (Unicode-compliant) switching language, currency, and measurement settings. Depending on the location of each plant, users have the option of easily switching enterprise system settings to the desired international platform in a single keystroke.

Leveraging Internet (Online) Technologies.
From the American continent to Europe, Asia, and the lower regions of Australia, PROMS has provided customers the best in products, services, and innovation in a manufacturing environment that changes day-to-day. Leveraged Internet technologies together complement speed, integration, and flexibility in terms of systems deployment and usage. The speed and execution beginning from implementation to mission-critical support has been optimized due to increasing capabilities in internet infrastructure and software technology. This in turn provides better response times to customers - not to mention lower cost of ownership and a more efficient approach in doing business.
PCB Industry Expertise.
The PCB industry presents a myriad of challenges for fabricators and supporting vendors. Looking ahead, changes in technology and geographical market shifts continue to impact the way we do business and consequently, the way we manage information as well. Many PCB organizations have IT requirements that exceed what most generic solutions can offer. The reason for this is simple - circuit board fabrication is characteristically different than many other products in terms of business processes and manufacturing intricacies. In addition, varying types of PCB subassemblies, designs, and production methodologies contribute to the complexity of enterprise information management. For many generic software providers that may not experience this first hand, solutions deployment could be a huge undertaking and the potential for implementation failure remains very likely.

For many years, PCB organizations have depended and relied on PROMS for manufacturing enterprise solutions (MES) including re-engineering expertise and business support services. PROMS's deep understanding of PCB operations, design, and production backdrop has enabled the company to develop smart solutions that are tailored specifically to customer needs. With easy-to-use applications and experienced responsive support teams, PROMS has successfully deployed systems in rapid speed saving customers time and resources including limiting unforeseen risks that usually hamper ERP deployment. From the initial outset of implementation, customers immediately benefit from more efficient information while using applications that directly adapt to their environment. PROMS combines software intellect, PCB expertise, and strong business support - a mixture that has enabled the company to gain industry leadership while securing a unique position unparalleled by competing providers.
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